Sponsor the TV Series

We are looking for a limited number of sponsors in each country to underwrite the series of shows.  Call or email us with interest. 
High Speed Rail Around the World will initially focus on the EU and UK highlighting not only a business point of view of HSR projects, but will also serve as a showcase for the countries that have HSR systems in place. Each one hour show will focus on, and highlight one of the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. Each country's involvement in HSR and its connection to light rail and metro systems and other related infrastructure projects will be explored in an in-depth review of their projects and systems.  In the coming months High Speed Rail Around the World will explore how HSR has also benefited the cities of Asia and the rest of the world, and the many ways it can benefit America too.

High Speed Rail Around the World will be initially broadcast on public television in America, and will reach the top 50 television markets in the United States, seen eventually by half of television viewers in America - over 100 million viewers.  At the same time the shows will be viewed by millions more people around the world.  The shows will be widely promoted and available for video download and streaming, digital distribution, mobile access, and throughout the internet and social media.

High Speed Rail Around the World will also be distributed on DVD to U.S. lawmakers and decision makers in transportation and high speed rail - including all members of Congress, state Governors and elected officials, agency heads, and other key federal and state employees.  In addition, the shows will be screened regularly by the US High Speed Rail Association for members of Congress and their staff, and Federal employees in a series of public and private showings.